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Apple Spice Gose

(4.5% ABV)

As delicious by the fire as on the beach, we've struck the perfect balance with this lemony tart gose with apples and cinnamon. Wether your fall is cool and crisp or warm and cozy, enjoy this new tradition with your friends and family.

Enjoy Responsibly!


(4.5% ABV)

You may be asking yourself why there is a flower on the label of an apricot beer. Well, the tree must blossom in order to fruit. Conversely, this beer blossoms when it is fruited. Juicy, delicate, and oh so perfect, no matter the season.


(4.5% ABV)

The beer that made Michael Crane famous is an earthy, zinger that pairs great with food. Our Fall seasonal Berliner-style weiss combines a sour German wheat beer with an unlikely vegetable, and, frankly, they look really good together.

Berry Weiss

(4.3% ABV)

Woodland creatures and humans alike delight in nature's candy - berries. We've added blackberries and raspberries to our take on a traditional Berliner Weiss. The berries meld perfectly, bringing a fruity acidity as well as a touch of sweetness to our tart and dryly refreshing beer. We'll bet you can't get enough.

Cranberry Weiss

(4.5% ABV)

With it's bright acidity and effervescence, a berliner weiss style offers a blank canvas, primed for the infusion of all sorts of wonderful flavors.
This beer has spicy ginger complimenting tangy cranberries, making it a wonderful companion for food. Why not bring a bottle to share around the dinner table?

Enjoy Responsibly!

Crane de Noel

(6.5% ABV)

We made a special sour inspired by all the wonderful baked goods of the holidays. Cinnamon, Cardamom, Allspice, Nutmeg, and Plums added to a rich sour brown make a decadent treat to share with family and friends. Perfect for an evening of merriment, from our family to yours.

Dry Hopped Gooseberry Gose

(4.1% ABV)

English folklore speaks of a fairy, the Gooseberry Wife, who takes the shape of a hairy caterpillar and guards the tart fruit from the greedy hands of children.
Note even a creepy caterpillar could keep us from adding this deliciously sour berry to our deliciously tart and salty gose. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep an eye out for her when picking up a bottle.

Enjoy Responsibly!


(6.8% ABV)

An American farmhouse-style ale brewed with the IPA lover in mind. Big, bold, juicy hops join the dry, yeast driven saison flavor to create one of the most aromatic, undiluted hop experiences you can find.


(4.5% ABV)

English folklore speaks of a fairy, the Gooseberry Wife, who takes the shape of a hairy caterpillar and guards the tart fruit from the greedy hands of children. Not even a creepy caterpillar could keep us from adding this deliciously sour berry to our deliciously tart and salty gose. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep an eye out for her when picking up your bottle.


(4.1% ABV)

Possibly the most rustic and obscure beer of Germany, the salty, sour gose of Leipzig needed an American touch. How about grapefruit zest? The result is probably the only beer that goes just as well by the pool as it does with Thanksgiving dinner.

Guava Milkshake

(4.5% ABV)

Description here in plain text.

Guava Weiss

(4.3% ABV)

We are bringing all the tropical vibes with this latest version of our take on a German Berliner Weiss. The notes of stone fruit and pineapple along with lemony acidity are the perfect complement to the lush sweetness of guava. Wonderful effervescence rounds out this beer for a refreshingly delicious experience.


(5.8% ABV)

A collaboration with Brookside Wine & Spirits. Hiveminder is brewed with locally-collected wildflower honey and aged in oak bourbon barrels. Well-balanced and light-bodied, ths beer is dry and refreshing with subtle noted of oak and a bracing, lactic acid bite making Hiveminder the perfect summer thirst-quencher.

Enjoy Responsibly!

It's Just a Phaze

(6% ABV)

Trends come and go, but one can never be too sure how long they will stick around. Having seen its fair share of trends, the IPA has moved into a beautiful marriage of fruity yeast character and stone fruit and citrus flavor from hops, creating a beautifully hazy golden unfiltered IPA. The bitterness is subdued to push hop flavor and aroma to the maz. Is it Just a Phaze? You tell us!

Mango Lassi

(4.3% ABV)

We teamed up with Mike's Wine and Spirits to bring you a special sour inspired by a beverage enjoyed around the world - the Mango Lassi. We've added vanilla, a touch of lactose to add sweetness along with mango to complement our tangy Berliner-style sour.


(5.5% ABV)

In the days of old, Saisons were brewed with unprocessed, unconventional grains left over from harvest. These beers were aged in oak, the only fermentation vessels available, teaming with the same microbes that had fermented the previous year's batch. During the cold months, these beers reached their tart musty maturity and were consumed throughout the work day and at midday meals in the fields.

Enjoy Responsibly!


(6.0% ABV)

Named after our cat that passed way too soon, Omar is a take on the traditional english porter. The fruity esters compliments the notes of bitter chocolate, licorice, and a hint of caramel sweetness. Almost an acceptable substitution for snuggles with our sweet omar!


(4.1% ABV)

If you find yourself sailing on open water for an extended time you are going to need to ward off scurvy and thirst! This tangy gose infused with fresh orange zest will do both. Enjoy the salty zing wherevever the wind takes you.

Oude Bruin

(8.0% ABV)

The passion and yeast going into the fermenter may have been homegrown and wild, but the result is refined and worthy of savoring. This beer was crafted with root-like precision and unyielding attention to detail. Brewed in collaboration with Grains & Taps.


(7.1% ABV)

Our friends at Plaza Liquor were lucky enough to land two Jefferson's Whisky barrels. We were lucky enough to be asked to brew a beer to go in them. We chose a special sour red ale then aged one barrel with cherries and the other with blackberries. The fruits compliment the acidity and combine with the barrel character to give a vinous quality with notes of caramel and oak. Use this beer to raise a glass to our friends in craft, Plaza Liquor!

Enjoy Responsibly!

Raytown Common

(5.6% ABV)

Why Raytown? That's a question we get quite often. A city with roots in western expansion, William Ray's Blacksmith shop created "Ray's Town", and the rest is history. It's a friendly city, nestled in the Kansas City metro, where we are proud to hang our hat. To honor the hard work this town was built on, we brewed a balanced and downright quaffable beer, enjoyable no what the occasion. Uncommonly delicious, this is truly a beer for everyone.

Scythe and Stave

(9.25% ABV)

What takes a saison to the next level? How about adding rye for body and spice! Not enough? Alright, we'll throw in a mixed culture to add acidity and funk. Still want more? Alright, we'll age it for 8 months in Reiger bourbon barrels to add notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. From field to cooperage, all these elements come together harmoniously to create a beer worthy of the artisans who created them.


(5.2% ABV)

Playing good defense and smart base running are some of the little things it takes to win a championship. Hand-crafting this beer is a lot like playing small ball. This session saison is sure to make baseball season even more enjoyable.


(4.1% ABV)

A distinctly American take on an old-world German ale, Tea Weiss combines Kansas City’s own Hugo Berry Rooibos Tea with a spritzy, sour wheat beer to exceedingly refreshing effect.

Township 49

(7.8% ABV)

In 1826, a surveyor assessed a parcel of Jackson county as "No Good" and not worth measuring. Being unrecorded, this parcel was not offered for sale when Jackson county was established in 1827. For over 15 years, it was simply referred to as 'The Lost Township".

Almost 175 years later, we welcomed night air into our brewer spontaneously transforming our efforts into a living expression of time and place. Touched only by Nature's magic, this beer would live in oak whiskey barrels, ultimately completing a metamorphosis expressing both the vitality and delicate beauty of the land and sky around us. We are proud to share with you a beer uniquely and truly born of Raytown.


(6.8% ABV)

William Ray’s blacksmith shop became a landmark in the lost township founded on the Santa Fe Trail. Just as a blacksmith forges metal, we forge new trails in brewing. Connecting old traditions to modern ones and beyond. Our classic farmhouse saison is crisp, refreshing, and perfect for whatever of life’s trails you are on.


(10.2% ABV)

This beer is a tribute to the true and the real, the ones who don't have time for the fake - those who have the courage to call their own shots, and the gusto to execute them.
We take luxury to the next level when a sour quad meets rich brandy barrels dripping with mango. We giv enod to the classics while providing an innovative spin, and we consider than truly trill